Hello 👋🏽 Moeti (visitor), nice to virtually meet you, let’s kick things off by introduction 😉 shall we?

My name is Karabo Ngoatle, more than drawing sketches & pushing pixels on a computer I am about Batho Pele (People First) in all that I do.

My personal mandate for the past 15 years has been and is still to deliver truly Human Centred Digital Product experiences that lets any company create
a step-change between themselves and their competitors both locally and on the global stage

Book a 60 Minute Strategy Call

It’s easy to get tunnel vision when you’re working on a product. Sometimes you just need a little outside perspective. Have a new feature you’re not sure about?

Is your team debating about a certain part of the UX, Design or Web and App Development? In a virtual strategy call, we will tackle a specific challenge you’re facing right now and come up with a strategy and next steps so you can solve it and keep moving forward. Email me to get started a new project.

User Experience Design

I work on on a limited number of full user experience design projects. I specifically focus experience design strategy, user-flows and interaction design. We’ll work together to refine your product requirements and translate them into a tangible prototype.

User experience design projects budget and timeline vary depending on scope. Pricing is on a case by case basis. Email me to get started a new project.

Interactive Prototypes
Are you ready to get your idea into the hands of customers? I can help you create a prototype that can be used to get feedback from users so that you can iterate before you commit resources to building it. Custom prototypes have various levels of fidelity depending on your specific needs and can be interactive. For me to help you with your Prototypes,
Email me to get started a new project.

Product Evaluations
Need a second set of eyes on your UX? With a custom Product Evaluation,

I will conduct a comprehensive analysis of 5 key screens of your producing including usability insights, recommendations for quick wins, A/B test suggestions, and roadmap ideas to help you get results, create momentum, and stay focused.

This is a great way to work with us if you have a limited budget or timeline.

User Research & Usability Analysis
Do you want to learn more about your existing or future customers?

Don’t waste time and money building a project unless you’ve done the research first to learn about people and their actual problems. I can create and execute a custom research plan so that we can conduct

  • Usability testing for your app, site, concept, or service

  • Find real customer feedback and insight quickly and easily with in-depth interviews and finally

  • Help you prioritise next steps with quick wins and expert recommendations